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Anthony Benton, A.K.A “Tony B.”, is a young, ambitious serial entrepreneur from humble beginnings.. Remembering the days when his parents told him, “Santa Claus might not make it this year to us..” That’s what fueled him to get a background in investments & finances, so he could understand how to better help others who go through the same. With hands on experience in marketing since the age of 16, learning and experiencing every form of it.

Tony is passionate about helping others find their way together. Helping bridge people into achieving growth in their lives, with God’s help in his main dream of becoming one of the most influential people of his generation! Following His path to get there with passion, integrity, and service to others. Creating a positive difference that’s much bigger than just him, and will last far beyond his time here! 🔛🔝™️

Marketing & Technology

How are you creating your buyers journey from A-Z? 🤔 Thousands of dollars being wasted daily (not including opportunity costs) trying to understand your clients needs, likes, and trust. Whoever can spend the most to acquire a lead wins period. So how are you able to compete against everyone efficiently knowing that?

💵 Create quality content when it matters most
🧲 Optimize your conversions
👥 Run retargeting/follow up ads omnichannel

Are you looking for the most effective ways to generate leads while effectively managing them?
Pinnacles is the most advanced lead generation & management platform on the market. We use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create personalized offers that are tailored to your customer’s needs. And because we have an exclusive partnership with ONTOP, our bots can automate all of your sales and customer service processes so you don’t have to worry about anything! You won’t need to cold call or email prospects, as our ONTOP Bots 🔛🔝🤖 will do it all!

With just one click of a button, we can send out personalized messages that will help convert leads into customers without ever having to pick up the phone or type another email. This saves time, energy, and money while also ensuring higher conversion rates than other methods. Your business deserves better – let us show you how Pinnacles can be the answer! Finally, fortune is in the follow up right? What if every single person who actually engages with your content once was FOREVER able to see your content after to become a raving fan? (that’s just the beginning).. Let’s create some high level follow up strategies together #ONTOP!™

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Pinnacles Co. provides opportunity zones with holistic community development area sustainability through our proven economic system blueprint and over 50+ years expertise within our team.

The ONTOP team is on a mission to consistently seek out providing the highest level of services to our investors through our systems tailored processes to ensure the necessary solutions to the project’s performance results.

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Additionally serving the REI market with our lead generation expertise helping find off market deals using the top marketing techniques to help our partners with their investment opportunities.
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